illustrated camper van

Here are links to all my favorite websites, blogs and forums that focus on campervans, vanlife, overlanding, RV’s, and everything related…

Van Life Communities and Personal Blogs

  1. Vanlife Diaries – A global community of van lifers sharing stories, tips, and meetups.
  2. Far Out Ride – A blog by a couple who converted their van and share in-depth guides and travel stories.
  3. Gnomad Home – Offers detailed van build guides, lifestyle tips, and road trip ideas.

Overlanding Resources and Forums

  1. Expedition Portal – A hub for overlanders, with forums, articles, and gear reviews.
  2. Overland Bound – Combines a community forum with resources, meetups, and trip planning tools.
  3. The Overlander – Provides inspirational stories, gear reviews, and overlanding vehicle tips.

Campervan Conversion Guides and DIY Tips

  1. The Vanual – A comprehensive guide to converting a van into a full-time home.
  2. VanDog Traveller – Chronicles a man’s journey converting a van and traveling across Europe.
  3. Sprinter Van Diaries – Offers insights into living in a Sprinter van, with conversion tips and travel diaries.

Product Reviews and Gear Recommendations

  1. Outbound Living – Features van life essentials, product reviews, and interviews with van lifers.
  2. Van Clan – A digital magazine focusing on van life gear, campervans, and travel spots.
  3. Parked in Paradise – Offers guides on van build essentials and gear reviews.

Travel Routes and Destinations

  1. Vanlife Adventures – Focuses on travel routes and destinations popular among van lifers.
  2. Vanlife Magazine – Provides destination guides and travel tips for van life enthusiasts.
  3. Project Van Life – Offers a collection of travel stories, destination guides, and van life resources.